Zucchini is a popularly cultivated summer squash which is usually harvested young. Zucchini /from Italian zicchina, meaning a small squash/ is also known with it's French name courgette. The word squash, on the other hand, comes from Indian and means “green thing eaten green”.

Zucchini can be dark or light green, and generally have a similar shape to a cucumber. It's from the same family as cucumber, squash and melon, and surely is the most popular of the squash family, being extremely versatile and easy to cook.

It is one of the easiest fruits to cultivate in temperate climates. As such, it has a reputation among home gardeners for overwhelming production.


In a culinary context, zucchini is treated as a vegetable, which means it is usually cooked and presented as a savory dish or accompaniment. Zucchini is at its best between June and September.
Choose small fruits that are firm to touch with a glossy, unblemished skin.
The raw fruit taste something between cucumber and squash. Zucchini do not need peeling. Sliced thinly and eaten raw, cooked on a grill, in a stir fry, fried in a light batter or baked in gratin dish, zucchini tastes delicious. It's best not to boil them, as they will become mushy and lose their flavor.

Nutritional value:

The zucchini fruit is low in calories and contains useful amounts of Folic acid, potassium and Vitamin A. 1/2 cup of zucchini also contains 19% of the recommended amount of manganese.

Source: Wikipedia