Tikvenik /Pumpkin Strudel/

1h 30min
Stanislava Dimitrova
How it's made: 

It's a perfect autumn day; outside, the wind is tossing the raindrops back and forth, forth and back; inside, roasted pumpkin and cinnamon flavor is coming out of my oven...I am baking pumpkin strudel /Tikvenik/.

Tikvenik or pumpkin strudel is a traditional Bulgarian pastry, made with phyllo dough and pumpkin filling. Like any traditional Bulgarian dish, there are thousands of recipes and preparation methods. Mine is quite simple, but the result is juicy and delicious Tikvenik;)

Bring the phyllo dough out of the refrigerator well in advance. Room temperature makes the thin dough sheets more elastic when rolled. Grind the seeded and peeled pumpkin. Grind the walnuts.

Coat each phyllo sheet with oil. Use a brush to achieve an even, thin layer of oil. Sprinkle with grated pumpkin, 2 tbsp of brown sugar, a pinch of cinnamon and walnuts. Roll the sheet and shape into a snail-like form. Place into a baking dish.

There are two ways to bake the pumpkin strudel; first, arrange the snail-like rolls into a well greased baking dish, tight next to each other. The result is a large pie. Second, arrange the snail-like rolls in a baking dish, covered pith parchment paper, far from each other. The result is individual, small strudel pies that can be served to guests or easily packed for a picnic;)

Coat the pumpkin rolls with oil, sprinkle with sugar and bake into into preheated to 200 ℃ / 425 ℉ oven until golden. When ready, remove from oven and cover with clean cloth to soften /optional/. I personally, prefer it crisp and crunchy.

Shopping list: 
1 kg sweet pumpkin
1 pack phyllo dough
200 gr brown sugar
cinnamon powder
200 gr walnuts
sunflower oil
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I just made 6 rolls of pumpkin strudel. They have all split & some pumpkin filling is spilling out. What can I do about this?

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