Pork Tongue over Caramelized Onions

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Stanislava Dimitrova
How it's made: 

One of the main philosophies of the country life is that everything is put to use and food never goes to waste. When the pig is slaughtered, people use every edible piece of meat to make variety of delicious meals. Today, I will show you an old recipe of sautéed pork tongue and to spice it up a notch, I will toss it on a bed of caramelized onions.

Take the pork tongue and wash it well. It has funny texture all over it but don’t worry – you will get rid of it. Put the tongue in a boiling pot with lots of water, add a little bit of salt, black pepper and bay leaves and bring it up to boil. Boil the tongue for a couple of hours or until the skin of the tongue starts peеling off. Wash it in cold water and peеl the funny looking texture. Underneath you will see very tender muscle meat and trust me, it is absolutely delicious. 

Peеl and slice the onions into thin rings. Put the olive oil in a frying pan and put the onions in. Add a sip of vermouth and stir slowly while the onions soften and brown. Add the brown sugar and half the glass of white wine. Once the onions are golden brown and soft, remove them from the pan. 

Put back the frying pan on the heat with a spoonful of olive oil. Cut the tongue into 5 mm thick slices and place them in the frying pan. Turn the slices upside down once they brown a little. Add the rest of the white wine and the raisins and cook for 5 minutes. 

Arrange the tongue slices over a bed of the caramelized onions and enjoy it!


Shopping list: 
1 fresh pig's tongue
2-3 bay leaves
6 peppercorns
3 spoons of raisins
2 large onions
3-4 spoons of olive oil
1 teaspoon of brown sugar
1 glass of white wine
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