Stanislava Dimitrova
How it's made: 

The Spanish tomato-based, raw vegetable soup originates in the southern region of Andalusia. Most gazpacho recipes typically include stale bread, tomato, cucumber, bell pepper, garlic, olive oil, wine vinegar, and salt. Some may also include onion. Gazpacho is believed to originate from an Arab soup of bread, olive oil, water and garlic, that arrived in Spain with the Moors. Tomato was added in the 1700s, when it finally became part of the local culinary tradition and was no longer regarded as poisonous, decorative plant.

Slice the baguette and let it dry overnight. Peel the tomatoes and remove the seeds to ensure a smooth texture. Chop the bell pepper. Peel the cucumber, remove the seeds and chop into large pieces. Put the green pepper, garlic, tomatoes, dry bread, olive oil, vinegar and salt in the food processor and process until the mixture turns into a fine purée. Add water to achieve the desired consistency of the soup. If you prefer it thicker, add no water at all. Add salt and pepper to taste. Cover and refrigerate until well chilled.

Ladle the gazpacho into chilled cups or bowls. Garnish with green pepper, finely chopped onion or celery sticks. Traditionally, when served gazpacho is presented with an array of garnish consisting of onion, green pepper, cucumber, hard-boiled egg or dry ham.

Shopping list: 
1-2 pounds (4-6 medium) tomatoes
1 large green bell pepper
2 garlic cloves
3 inch-long piece of baguette
1/2 cup olive oil
2 tablespoons wine vinegar
salt to taste
black pepper
1 cucumber (optional)
1 small onion (optional) for garnish
celery sticks for garnish
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